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Roof Damage is Inevitable if You Neglect Your Gutters


Roof Damage is Inevitable if You Neglect Your Gutters
A properly installed gutter system doesn’t just prevent rainwater from haphazardly dripping on you as you leave your front door, it channels water away from the foundation of your home preventing serious mold and mildew from invading your crawl space, basement and eventually your living quarters.

Protect Fascia and Soffits at Roof Eaves

Besides warding off mold and mildew inside your home, gutters protect the soffits and fascia – important components of your roofing system. Poorly functioning gutters can let water settle in places it shouldn’t, promoting wood rot or seepage behind your home’s siding.

Protect your Landscaping. Enhance Curb appeal

Gutters also prevent erosion along the perimeter of your home where, if water fell freely from the roof eaves it would disrupt garden and landscaping design and splash unsightly mud along the base of your home siding. Clogged gutters can create similar nasty headaches and when your gutters are not angled properly , leak and litter build up can become a constant problem extending to your roof, as well.

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