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single family house roof replacement process
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It’s a fact that your roof needs maintenance. It gets put through a lot, from beaming UV Rays to harsh storms, and everyday wear and tear. Whether your roof has damage from the natural elements, or just from old age, a roof replacement is inevitable.

An entire roof replacement can seem intimidating to homeowners, so we put together this guide to make the process a little simpler.

Finding a Contractor

This is the biggest and most important step for homeowners. A good contractor can make your roofing experience good or bad. When finding a roofing contractor it’s best to do your research and talk to friends or family who have had a roof replacement before. This is the easiest way to find a roofer that you can trust.

KO Roofing is your local Southeastern Nebraska and Southwestern Iowa preferred roofing company. We were founded upon the principles of communication excellence, superior craftsmanship, and desire to exceed customers’ expectations. Our primary services are roofing, siding, gutters and a variety of home improvement services.

Get a Roof Inspection and Estimate

Once you call us about your roof, we’ll need to come out for a free roof inspection. During this inspection our roofing professionals look for any and all damage to your roof and fascia. Roof damage isn’t always noticeable to an untrained eye.

Damage can look like:

  • Worn Shingles
  • Hail Dents
  • Warped Shingles
  • Discoloration
  • Holes From Fallen Debris

Once the inspection is done, you’ll get a detailed report that includes:

  • Roof diagram
  • Roof measurements and pitch detection
  • Ongoing roof maintenance recommendations
  • Photographs of problem areas
  • Diagnostic description of damage
  • Recommended repairs

We will also include a preliminary estimate for your roof replacement and supportive documentation for insurance claims, if applicable.

Choosing Your Materials

The next step, once you’ve decided to move forward with a roof replacement, is to choose your roofing materials. There are a lot of different options available, from material and colors. You’ll want to choose roofing that matches your homes overall aesthetic.

At KO Roofing we offer 3 different roofing options.

  1. Asphalt Shingles

The most popular roofing material in Nebraska, asphalt composite shingles typically come with a 20- to 30-year warranty. Good quality asphalt tiles installed properly by KO Roofing & Storm Repair can last up to 30 years!

  1. Metal Panel Roofing

Metal panel roofs are increasingly popular in Nebraska. Metal standing seam roofing is more expensive than standard asphalt tile, however a metal roof can last 50 years or longer.

  1. Synthetic Shingles

This composite roofing material gives you the look and feel of slate or cedar shake shingles without the upkeep. It’s a smart way to get that natural look. At KO Roofing we trust the brands F Wave and DaVinci Roofscapes.

Roof Preparation

After a roofing material is selected, our professionals come out to prepare your roof for a replacement. This includes removing the old roofing material, inspecting the surface underneath for damage, and installing the underlayment. We also make sure to cover your landscaping for protection.

Roof Replacement

Once the roofing material you chose has arrived, and your old roof has been scrapped off, your new roof gets installed!


After your roof has been replaced, we do a thorough clean up and inspection. We make sure your job is done right, so we always triple check our work, leaving little to no signs that we were there.

KO Roofing & Storm Repair focuses on educating property owners about the products and the process involved in achieving outstanding results that meet or exceed customer expectations.  We make sure that property owners understand the steps it takes to install a roof for decades of reliable performance. KO wants its customer to experience the value delivered through our skill, attention to detail, and our genuine concern for the condition of their property.

If you are needing a roof replacement, give us a call today for your FREE roof inspection.

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